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What is Telia?

Telia, is a robust new generation Telco connection, for international and local use created to bring communities and companies together with important things that matter most.

The creators of Telia are a versatile, professional, and international ICT company who has a long history that dates way back to 1855 providing companies both small and large, with solutions. For almost 200 years, they have been providing Finnish establishments data communications solutions while investing euros by the hundreds of millions in ICT for the past few years and created the securest data center in all of Europe. Each year the company invests around 200 million EUR in Finland connections while employing around 3,500 individuals directly and thousands more indirectly.

Get all you can out of your hardware in just one go, with Telia including

  • Identity protection
  • Security
  • Music
  • Insurance

Experience the best Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services for your business.

How to Register in Telia

After setup, the login page will automatically open up. This is where you can register to set up your account; however, you will need to prove your identity with your bank id. It will take approximately 24 hours after registering before you will be able to use your broadband. You can also use the Minun Telia mobile app to manage your subscription service.

My Telia Login

Your Telia login id is what is used to identify your Telia user id and password, which allows you to manage services and Telia products. Moreover, your Telia login id is the fastest way for you to log into Telia pages.

Once you have registered and were identified you will be able to login to my Telia with your username and password. In addition, you can create a new user ID to manage all your subscriptions. To do this, simply edit your Telia user id and password for the one you created– link all of your subscriptions to your account.

Keep in mind that only the true owner of the interface whose name is on the subscription agreement can create or change a Telia ID.

With your login ID, you will be able to…

  • Customize your connections/subscription features
  • Subscribe and connect to services
  • Change your subscription type
  • Create a new user ID with your online banking IDs
  • See all subscriptions at the same time

Login Options

The old Tele Finland or Sonera ID’s will work automatically as your Telia user ID, therefore, you will not have to purchase a new ID.

Mobile Certificate

Having a mobile certificate makes it safe for you to prove your online identity. The only thing you will need is your chosen ID and Password along with your phone. Thus, when you first log in you have to verify your identity with your online banking ID.

Telia Symbol

Your username and password can be created with your Mobile account or your online bank IDs. With your user ID and password, you will be able to quickly login at any time.

Online Banking Access Codes

The online banking access codes are a safe and familiar way to prove your identity. To do this your online banking ID will be required.

NOTE! If you are a corporate customer then you will only be able to log on to your phone number.

Password Recovery

If you should ever forget your password or username, you can recover them by either of the following:

Broadband and Mobile Customers

Both broadband and mobile customers can use their online banking ID to login so that they can acquire a forgotten user ID or password. You can also send an email to Telia support and request a forgotten password.

Mobile Phone Password Recovery

If you are using a mobile phone, you can send an SMS to the password number “15400” then use your phone number to log in and the password that you got from the post.

Telia Sim Card Activation

To activate your new micro-sim card, send an activation command “AKTIVOI (your phone number)”to 18100. Next,restart your phone to search for the new network connection. Sometimes you can do this without having to reboot by switching to airplane mode.

Telia Services

Telia has many valuable services available that can provide you with everything you need to stay connected including:

Download the free app and don’t take your eyes off the wheel.

App Store    Google Play

If you have any service or hardware issues Telia can help repair them for you.

No need to sign in or sign up to make purchases since you can make them on a tablet or phone.

Manage all your services and subscriptions anytime and anyplace.

App Store    Google Play

Prove your identity and speed up business safely online, on the phone.

The new swap dialer can help save you cash and resources when you need to replace old equipment.

Professional service personnel will help to fix your device reliably and rapidly.


Rather than use a separate email account, you can use Telia’s email program through your internet browser to access your email anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. To access your email using Telia’s email program go to, and log in either with Telia testee-1 along with your password or with your email address. If you would like to use Telia’s editing features to create filters that are in use, it is recommended you sign up for an account.

Incoming IMAP4/POP3 mail server

  • IMAP4 SSL encryption — Port 993/995 — POP3 SSL encryption
  • IMAP4 — Port: 143/110 — POP3

Outgoing mail server:

  • SSL encryption — Port: 465
  • Ports: 25

Go to the mailbox, home where you will find a list of received emails. Click once to open an email or click twice to open your message in a new tab.

To see what an icon means, just hold the pointer over it.


The Hybrid Telia Zone fast 5370 Air Router combines broadband mobile terminal equipment and fixed broadband to access home appliances via broadband. The router also provides wireless capability with the Arris 5305W and 4302W Telia TV Digibox.

You can purchase the DigiBox here. If your router is defective, it will be replaced free and updates of the router are done for you.


The company that brings you Telia services and products is always investing in their networks so customers have reliable and secure connections that run easier and smoother. The company always ensures that you track technology transformation when the 5G fiber connection is available it will be the start of the 4th industrial revolution.

Telia Mobile Broadband

If, when sending data the mobile broadband drops the connection, drop the data transmission as a Megan image file.

If you get an error message that says, “device not found” and the blue 4G light blinks, try removing the Moka and then putting it back.


The TV application operates in the EU and Finland on any network and connects through a web browser or an application. Telia’s telecom cable or home fiber will be connected to your property when you subscribe to cable TV. You will need a Telia TV cable card If you would like to watch the pay channels.

Telia Refill

Telia’s refill cash card is where you can get a fixed monthly price charge for surf and call.

Mobile App

You can use my Telia account app as a self-service device to keep track of things like track texts sent, calls made, and your data usage while you also have the ability to edit them, pay invoices, view running apps that cost, and order new services.

App Store    Google Play


For help, you can contact customer service Mon thru Fri from 8 am to 6 pm and Sat from 9 am to 3:30 pm or contact the 24-hour chat service at for English. You can also call 0200 11611 (mcc/Inc.)


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